Safety is our first priority at Clip n Climb Joondalup – that’s why we use the TruBlue auto belays.

This is the only auto belay device rated to the highest worldwide climbing standard. You can check it out on their website at

We ensure that each climber is equipped with the knowledge they need to be safe through a thorough safety briefing before they enter the arena. Briefing and safety rules include; fitting of harness, instruction on the use of carabiners, safety checks throughout your climb and a demonstration of safe climbing.

Parents are always welcome to be inside the arena if they wish free of charge.

Children under 100cm must be supervised by an adult in the climbing zone. This adult cannot be also climbing.

Any climbers found to be climbing in an unsafe manner or not following safety directions will be asked to leave the arena immediately.

Safety Rules:

  • Harnesses must be worn at all times
  • One person per challenge
  • Briefing must be completed prior to climbing
  • No climbing is allowed unless clipped properly into the auto belay
  • Children under 100cm must have their auto belay clipped in by their supervising adult.
  • No food or drink in the climbing area
  • Maximum weight limit 130kg and must safely fit in the harness
  • Climbers must have their harness checked by climb crew prior to climbing.

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