What’s here to Climb?

Take up the challenge and test your climbing skills by tackling a climbing wall like you’ve never seen before. Tested and tried on all individuals with one common result, FUN!

There are over 15 climbing challenges ready for you to attempt as well as 2 amp it up experiences.

Every climbing wall is equipped with TruBlue Autobelay making it safe and easy to climb free of a buddy. This means everyone can be having fun at the same time.

Clip ‘n Climb is located inside Aloha Surfhouse which is also home to indoor surfing, a café, boutique and yoga studio. Plenty to keep everyone amused! You can find out more at www.alohasurfhouse.com.au.

Climbing Pricing

1 Hour Climbing Over 100cm $24
1 Hour Climbing Under 100cm $20 (must be supervised by non-climbing adult)

Vertical Drop Slide $5
Leap of Faith $5

Vertical Drop Slide & Leap of Faith $7
1 hour Climbing & 30-Mins Indoor Surfing $60

Book out the full area for $500 an hour (for up to 35 guests)

Want Challenges?

Big Cheese
Dark Tower
Face to Face
Lightning Crack
Speed Climb
Stairway to Heaven
Steel Works
Tree Trunk
Zig Zag


Think you’re brave? Test your courage by attempting our amp it up challenges.

Vertical Drop Slide
Leap of Faith


Clip ‘n Climb is located at Aloha Surfhouse so you can surf for 30 minutes and climb for 60 minutes all at the same venue for just $50! Find out more about indoor surfing and what else is on offer at Aloha here.

Suitable for all ages and skill levels
Guaranteed smiles and fun!

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